I’ve been part of the interactive marketing team at Apple since 2013. In that time, I’ve worked on the websites for several product launches as well as many software updates. Since there are a thousand no's for every yes, this is but a small sampling of the things I’ve had a part in.

  • Role
    Art Director
  • Year
    2013 – Present

iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Continuing to push the boundaries of what a phone is capable of, the iPhone XS and iPhone XR take the technology from their predecessor, the iPhone X, and turn it up to 11. With jaw-dropping all-screen designs, blazing performance via the A12 Bionic, more secure Face ID, and cameras featuring Depth Control, there’s never been a better iPhone. So we built an experience to celebrate these technological feats. That meant we had to throw in a laser beam, obviously. Visit site


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A breakthrough smart speaker, complete with high-fidelity audio and intelligent assistant capabilities, deserves a breakthrough website. Visit site

Apple Apple Apple


The headphone jack, 1878 - 2016. RIP. Having relied on that ubiquitous input for so many years, we understood there would be a reluctancy to embrace a world beyond it. Our goal for the AirPods site was to bring Apple’s vision of a wireless future to life. The minimal design and a clear product story does that. But adding in photography that shows the AirPods sitting weightlessly in-ear does as much to tell the story as all of the words on the page do. Visit site

Apple Apple


Siri is smarter than ever. And it’s getting smarter every day with features like Proactive Siri and Siri Shortcuts. Using elements from the Siri visual language, we created a site chock-full of the things Siri can do. Now back to what I was doing. “Hey Siri, what’s in a mai tai?” Visit site


Apple Pay Japan

Despite being an early adopter of technology, Japan still conducts most of it’s transactions in cash. With the launch of iPhone 7, Japan now had the ability to use Apple Pay for transactions, as well as NFC for transit. And so we thought the best way was to not tell, but show users how easily and effortlessly Apple Pay could enhance their lives. Enter full screen, day-in-the-life video. Visit site

Apple Watch

I was part of the launch team that helped debut the Apple Watch online. Apple wasn’t the first to market with a smart watch, but it was certainly the first to get it right. From the technology and design stories, to comparing the differences between models, this debut site had to do a lot of heavy lifting. As such we also introduced a first for Apple, a visual “explore” nav to make browsing easy. Visit archived site

Apple Apple Apple Apple
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